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Stay in the heart of Cape Town in one of it’s prettiest pretty suburbs slot online when you book your holiday accommodation in Rondebosch. The leafy suburb of Rondebosch is perhaps most sought after for its incredible views of Table Mountain, but also because of its architectural beauty and easy access to the city of Cape Town. Rondebosch was where the very first permanent title of land in Africa was issued by Van Riebeeck. He named the area after a clump of thorn trees – ‘Het Ronde Doornbosjen’ – which over time, evolved into Rondebosch (round tree).

What remains of this original settlement is today central to Rondebosch – a large greenbelt, known as the Rondebosch Common (photograph) and a National Monument – loved by the community and home to a number of unique indigenous plant species. Rondebosch has some beautiful examples of Victorian homes and first-rate renditions of Sir Herbert Baker architecture.

Most of the students of the University of Cape Town live in Rondebosch. The campus, which sits on the slopes of Devil’s Peak, stretches up the slopes – a landmark of the city. Other buildings of note and historical consequence include Mostert’s Mill (the landmark windmill) and the Presidential home, where Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk co-signed the ‘Groote Schuur Minute’, as a commitment to a peaceful negotiation process in 1990 – the beginning of the end of Apartheid.

Rondebosch fountains lie in the centre of the suburb, where Belmont Road meets Main, and it’s here you can pick up a bunch of fresh-cut flowers from the local flower seller. Rondebosch is only 5 km from the centre of Cape Town, close to the M5 and M3, and access to Cape Town’s beaches and Kirstenbosch is easy.

Baxter TheatreBaxter Theatre

The word “theatre” might bring forth some eye rolling to some people, but the Baxter has successfully entertained people from all cultures and ages since opening its doors in 1977.  It supports all types of South African performance art, from ballet to comedy. The impressive building and multicultural reputation of this magnificent theatre is something that needs to be experienced!




Grootte Schuur Estate

Grootte Schuur Estate

Today this is a museum and can be toured by appointment only but if you love history, architecture or find politics intriguing, pick up the phone. It is well worth a visit and considering it was designed by Sir Herbert Baker it will certainly impress one way or the other.




Lawn Bowls

It may seem simple but this game needs some serious skill. Anyone who has tried their hand at bowling can attest to the fact that making a ball roll towards a specific target is not easy. Change the pins and large ball to two smaller balls, add grass and wind to the equation and you have the perfect recipe for a fun day outdoors.




Virtual Sound Studio

If you’ve ever considered yourself to be a bit of a composer or the next big DJ to hit the decks, you have to try this. Without any prior music knowledge this studio gives you the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about electronic sound effects. It is conveniently situated at the Baxter Theatre and offers once off courses as well as long term courses. Kids ages 6 and up are welcome.


We have stayed in Rondebosch in Cape Town every time we have visitted. Its very central to the city of Cape Town but also close to the False Bay suburbs and seaside which is really lovely! Rondebosch is very peaceful, its a nice suburb especially if you are travelly with kids. Quiet, safe and central sums it up 🙂 – Sharon (London)